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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Porridge Oats Good for the Heart

This week, what with a bout of flu and a general mallaise brought on by a lack of sunlight, I have been eating little else but Pertwood porridge oats.

And they are helping to cure what ails me.

Until Sarah found this cereal last week whilst trawling the deep, rich waters of the internet, we had been living off a less-than-healthy but utterly indulgent breakfast of pan-cakes, washed down with local apple juice or hawthorn tea - whatever was our poison. ( And, trust me, hawthorn tea is utter poison of the taste buds.)
But now we have a choice of early morning treats and not one of them is chocolate. Still, there is something about these thick, chewy, giant oats from a Wiltshire farm that teases my tongue like the sweetest dessert and nurtures a tiny realisation in me that I have been consuming absolute groul for the past thirty-five years whenever porridge has been served me. For, unlike the flour-like substance of most mainstream brands, you open up a packet of Pertwood oats and the intoxicating memory of flapjacks immediately infiltrates your nostrils, reminding you that life is good and that chocolate isn't the only cake. It looks like the winter just got a little sunnier!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:57 pm

    I eat porridge every morning at the NHS and nothing else, just with honey & am now adicted.

    Kirk Dickenson