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Friday, January 19, 2007

Home Made Tap Water

For the benefit of those of you, i.e everyone in the world except me, Sarah and a certain female German book-seller trading in Kew, who haven't read Ulrike Bulle's comments concerning my mineral water tirade earlier in the month, the picture you are idly gazing at whilst reading this latest blog entry is that of a bottle of bone fide Hammersmith tap water which has been filtered clean of stomach gremlins and presented us sweetly as a gift. Mmm!
Now rumour has it there is an inexaustible supply of this particular variety of H2O flowing under the surface of southwest London, so both Sarah and myself look forward to toasting Ulrike's very good health with the stuff for as long as the diet continues.
Does it taste different to Richmond tap water? I hear you ask.
Buggered If I know!

1 comment:

  1. Actually the filtered hammersmith water tastes of Volvic, which is my favourite, so now I have a new favourite. It would be worht buying our own filter, but we are renting so it probably isnt either worth it or allowed.