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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Week in Pictures

This has been a very productive week, in which we made our first butter (from the cream off the top of the milk - amazing how little cream you need to get enough butter for pancake making - thanks to Suzanne for your helpful demonstration of how to vigorously beat the cream until it turns to butter),

I got to use the wooden butter pat makers I bought in Stroud four years ago when I had romantic notions about my domestic destiny (now being fulfilled!!)...

Rob made bread for the first time ever,

and luckily he called to check that yes, it is better to remove the cling film from the risen bread before baking it, so the results were amazing ( I can honestly say its the best bread I've ever eaten, at least that I can remember eating, I don't even normally like bread)

and I got to eat home made bread with home made butter and home made blackberry jam for the first time ever, eating bread at all was wonderful treat after weeks of pancakes , porridge and potato

I also found English wine at the market and discovered that [allegedly] there was more Pinot Grigio sold in the UK alone last year than was officially produced in Italy (you do the maths)
Ulrike brought us pure filtered Hammersmith water (filtered through generations of londoners this pure fresh Tap water with a unique taste is bottled at source by handcrafted ancient London tradespeople) - see Rob's post below for full details -

and Sarah from the office brought in the most amazingly fragrant and uplifting home grown veggies for us...

(beautiful Rainbow Chard - I adore it just for the glamorous and unvegetable-like colours)

....which took a little while to clean but it was very satisfying and interesting.


  1. Have you made sloe gin? Its yummy!

  2. No but I did make rowan brandy. Havent tried it yet. Might try the sloe sometime this year...people in stroud used to make it but i dont know how. Got a good recipe?