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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Can't Believe It's Butter

Being on a 100 mile diet is turning out to be incredibly interesting in so many ways. I want to discuss that in more depth over the next few weeks, how i'm changing how I think and how I feel physically.

For example, I never used to believe that 'you are what you eat' - I had a sense that it doesnt actually matter that much what you eat, its all broken down to calories and vitamins right? But I have been off caffeine, chocolate and every kind of processed food for a while and I feel different. I feel clean and creamy. I am eating a lot of cream.

That is coming to an end now as we went to Sussex for the weekend, checked out about five farm and local shops, and as we were heading back to London in a foul gale as what patheitc little bit of sunlight there had been in the day was dragged screaming to its destiny, the way of all flesh, i turned sharply and dangerously into a little farm shop near Fairlight. I was rootling around and asking the farmer what he had that was really local and not just looked like it, when I remembered cream... and then ... there it was.... on the top shelf of the chiller cabinet....


I had actually forgotten all about butter, its become such a fruitless search. Which is silly because I am sure there is plenty of butter being made in the radius. We just couldnt seem to get our hands on any except by making it at home from cream (hence the high cream consumption).

So I went a bit mad and bought three large packets. They are really charming. The butter is a big lump wrapped in greasepaper and then popped into a little white paper bag with a sticker saying 'Home Made Butter' and a phone number.

If only they delivered to Kew....

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