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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Discerning Tastes

O.k, so there are a few of you out there with slightly more discerning tastes than mine - sensitive souls who can indeed differentiate the subtle flavours of water into categories of good and bad, hard and soft, wet and not-so-wet and so on. I am willing to be educated on this subject by anyone patient enough to teach me. After all, this is a diet of discovery and I am humble enough to suppose the possibility of enlightenment.

But the more important point I was attempting to make, though it was seemingly lost in all my spitting, is that, although it is fine to have these pleasantly packaged foreign brands on our shelves, Perrier in particular seems to have become a national institution, a mainstream favourite, and that emphasises beautifully mine and Sarah's argument that people in this country are not emoting with what is being grown and produced in their own corners of the world. Clear, crisp, unadulterated mineral water cascades over the rocks of each and every range of hills in the British Isles and is duly captured, bottled, named and sold throughout the land. So why is Perrier so popular? When it should really be a treat, like Brie or Parma ham, which are gastronomic delights, utterly delicious, that do not affect the popularity of Cheddar or other English meats.

Not that I consider Perrier to be particularly delicious, you understand!

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  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Fuck me Tommy, you want to get out more. Anyway, congrats on the engagemet to you both...Manus