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Monday, March 12, 2007

a Plea for Butter

The one item we are struggling to locate a regular supply for within 100 miles, is butter.
Please help!

The butter we found so far is either made from the cream on the top of the Duchy Milk or else from a tiny place in sussex that we cant go back to for a while.


  1. Sweet blog and thanks for the comment! You're right, I do like it.

    As for butter: have you tried making it yourself? If you can find a dairy in your area, you can probably buy cream in bulk for relatively cheap. Here's a fantastic article on making butter at home:

    Good luck in your 100-mile diet adventures!

  2. Thanks sarah - we have tried making our own - see The Week in Pictures entry in Feb, but it didnt occur to me we could buy cream in bulk for the purpose. maybe that will make it easier. Butter freezes very well so its good to buy bulk when we cant get it regularly.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Abel and Cole sell butter from Wiltshire is that within 100 miles? If it is and you want to add it to our order and pick it up from Putney, let me know.

    Hope you're well


  4. Hi Hilary, it's Rob.

    Yes, Wiltshire is definitely in!

    Which shops sell it? Maybe we could get it in Richmond. If not, then we would be joyous to accept your help!

    Thank you x

  5. where in sussex do you get it from? Not sure if Plaw Hatch make it, but I could bring a load up for your freezer some time if you like.

    Love Corin

  6. hey corin,

    thanks for the offer. we got some butter near Pett Level in a farm shop. It is a bit afar away from you but if you can get hold of some and get it to us somehow that would be much appreciated. I bought three packs last time, for the freezer, they lasted a month but we still hadnt found a local supply.


  7. Hi Sarah and Rob...

    Opps I haven't checked back at your blog. Not sure if any shops sell the wiltshire butter that Able and Cole sell - called Berkeley Farm near Swindon. But if you haven't already accepted Corin's offer - very happy to add it to our order BUT because of holidays and then moving our last A&C order will be week before easter so your deadline is April 2nd!! Better drop me an email or give me a call if you want me to get you any...

    Hope you're both well


  8. posting on this blog is annoying - it seems to lose what I type as soon as i finish and log in. (such a novice at this). Happy to help with A&C butter but will be stopping orders very soon (because of moving) so deadline is April 2nd. Drop me an email or give me a call before then and I can help out. If you're not already sorted of course..... Hilary (butter makers called Berkeley Farm based near Swindon and might be sold elsewhere??)