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Friday, March 09, 2007

An argument is raging or, at the least, negotiations are taking place, into just how long this diet of discovery should continue before I am pushed, through despair and repression, into an illicit, clandestine affair with a forbidden toffee apple or am found by Sarah in an uncompromising menage a trois with a cadbury's whirl and a kinder surprise.

In short, if I don't get some proper chocolate soon I'm going to kill some bastard.


  1. Maybe for tropical essentials like chocolate you could make an exception? But still make it enviro-friendly by buying only Fair Trade organic chocolate? Shipped with zero emissions?

    Or maybe you could plant your own cocoa tree in a greenhouse? THAT would certainly be an adventure. I bet you'd have a market, too.

    Just a thought. *grin*

  2. Hi Sarah.
    Your just and wise comments are a source of comfort to me in this painful hour of abstention.

    We actually live very close to Kew Botannical Gardens, so I might carry out some investigations. I doubt though i will find enough cocoa there to satisfy my want or appease my chocolate god who is surely angry I have ceased to worship in his temple.

    This is probably the reason I now have another nasty cold to add to an uncommonly large collection this winter!

    Thanks again for the nice comment.

    Rob x

  3. Actually making chocolate from your own cacao tree might be a little complicated, but humans can consume the unprocessed nibs. I haven't tried them, but apparently they're good.

    Hmm. On further research, apparently the cacao tree is extremely tempermental and delicate as a houseplant outside of its native Brazil. They CAN be grown indoors, but you'd need a steamy, partially shaded greenhouse. And they get tall pretty fast.

    Rats. And here I thought I'd come up with a solution! I'm a chocolate hound myself (I like the good super-dark stuff, or ridiculously creamy truffles. There's really no middle ground), so I understand your plight.

    Maybe you can appease the chocolate god with suspiciously raisin-like "cocoa nibs?" *smile*

  4. I think a sneaky trip to the sweet shop whilst sarah is at work will best appease my confectionary diety!

  5. I heard that! It has been known to happen...

  6. Anonymous8:48 am

    poor rob, i feel your pain