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Friday, March 02, 2007

a note of the cost of food

I would like to comment on the fact that often people wonder whether the food we are buying "costs more".

Sometimes yes it is more expensive than if you just went to Tesco all the time.

However, I never did and rob only sometimes and when he was skint.

but the thing is, how much does even really expensive food cost?

Like if I am really going overboard, I might pay, I don't know, a pound for a pint of milk instead of 36p.

That's 64p more than normal.

I mean come on. That is not really going to make any difference to my life. We get through about three-four pints a week, thats about £2,40. Thats less than a glass of wine one evening down the pub.

A week. Between us. For one drink.

I really dont think that buying Expensive Food makes much difference. Running an Expensive Car, that makes a difference. Going on Expensive Holidays, makes a difference. Buying Expensive Clothes makes a difference.

Paying 64p more for a pint of milk, that doesnt make a difference.

And anyhow, for everything we buy that costs more, there are three things that are much cheaper (eg home grown mint) - or someone sends us a box of oats - so in the end it doesnt matter.

Thankyou. Lesson for the day has now ended.

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