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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stroud Eggs

Today I went to Stroud on business.

I asked Chris about farm shops. We went to one but it was shut at one and we were too late.

But there was an egg place down the road.

This is the first time I have seen an egg factory.

It is free range. it was quite nice. They had many eggs in a shed and a scrap of paper with prices on and a tray to leave your money in.

It was £2.40 for 30 eggs which seems quite good to me.

here is apicture of the eggs and below is a picture of the shed where they are collected. The chickens lay in cages to the left and right and the eggs roll out into collecting trays. Then i presume people go along and put the eggs into trays. On the other side of the cage is the exit so the hens can go outside and run around the pen where they can scratch about for food and such.

We saw that too. They had quite a lot of space. Its on a sort of plateau in the Cotswolds with old-fashioned dry stone walls around the fields.

I liked it until the farm dog came up hysterically barking at us and we had to go.

It was very interesting to see how the eggs are collected. I guess a lot of egg places have that kind of system.

The eggs I bought were huge. They were too large for the recycled Waitrose Large Eggs box that I put the eggs in.

Haven't tried them yet - will let you know if they taste as good as one feels they ought to.

The last pic shows how the hens come out the back of the shed and go into the outdoors. There was a bunch of hens further away in a bigger area with grass so I guess they get turns in the bigger part and most of the time they get to hang out in this bit. And then go inside again at night. This is what 'free range' means on egg packets. Now you know!

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