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Monday, February 19, 2007


A quick update as nothing has been put up for about ten days:

We started using some raisins I made from grapes in the summer, which were grown in Finsbury Park.

Its a real treat and they have been used in Rob's ever-improving delicious bread. The secret seems to be to have a very gooey sticky dough. I thought it was meant to be quite dry but my loaves come out rather rock-like.

Its easy to dry grapes if you have an Aga! I was ill and staying with parents who have one so as I got better I would lay out loads of grapes on a baking tray and put them on top of the aga. Then when they looked like raisins I put them in a bag and that was about six months ago and they are in perfect condition.

They do have pips in - in my weakened condition i really couldnt face trying to remove them. But they dont really caus e aproblem either for taste or texture. They are very small and make the raisins crunchy. Actually they are very delicious added to foods. We dont get much acid flavours - so its very welcome.

Also this week we discovered a great local grocer near Richmond bridge, and a real ale shop near there too. And had a very quick look at Petersham nurseries which appparently grow food and sell it in the cafe, which is totally magically gorgeous.


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