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Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Hunger is what makes a good meal great."

This is a quote from the Slowcoach at slowlondon.

I like this site and it is relevant because going on a 100-mile diet is all about slowing down.

There is plenty of food around, and a fair amount of variety but the thing is, you have to work for it.

What is different about this way of eating as opposed to how i was eating before, is that we really have to spend a lot of time:

  • researching where food items come from and how they are produced
  • sourcing particular brands or products once they are "approved" for the diet
  • going in turn to all the different suppliers eg local shop for apple juice and potatoes, farmers market for fruit & veg, butcher for meat, health food shop for porridge, waitrose for milk. Its all scattered around.
  • turning raw ingredients into useful food eg flour into bread and cream into butter
  • chopping, peeling, cleaning the foodetc
  • finding out how to cook it eg celeriac, bread
  • actually cooking
By this time you understand, one is very hungry. This makes the food taste much better.

So I would say this diet is about more than food. Or maybe food is about more than mere eating. It is about a way of life. Its a nice way of life and actually a few people have said I am looking very good these days, maybe its all that cream and eggs.

I do believe that if we are all going to be more ecofriendly its about changing our way of life and this is one way to see how that can be done. It really is a big change but its also quite easy and very exciting and it is making me think about lots of things in a new way. And it is incredibly satisfying and wholesome somehow, to actually be hungry and to really have to work hard to get your food.

Before I would just eat even when I wasnt hungry and I never really enjoyed it as much.

(NB Cooking in large quantities is good so you can then eat cold leftovers for a couple of days and it gets yummier each time.)

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