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Sunday, October 04, 2009

more pictures and nettles keep coming

how the notment is looking after a lot of nettle-clearing. I have cleared this area twice now, cropping the baby nettle and fat hen as it crops up so quickly.

A pile of breeze blocks under the nettles has been partially dismantled to make small seats in a circle for the herbs - with the help of my Lovely Assistant

Collecting fat hen (delicious! like spinach but nuttier) and dandelion

using sheeps fleece to protect herbs planted out from my backyard pots. They are doing ok and the fleece also keep slugs away very effectively (they dislike hair!) The fox liked it though and came and dug at it when it first appeared.

a large burdock - can be used in dandelion and burdock cordial...

collecting the nettle tops

pureeing the cooked nettle tops with the white sauce, a messy business. (My old kitchen, soon to be gone, a nasty steel cooker in its place.. it just wont look as good in the pictures any more :-( )

ooh a lovely meal, cheese makes anything taste good!

All the details on cooking the nettles are on the earlier post

Tell me a good recipe for nettles please!!

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