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Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Coffee from New Zealand

This isn't actually about coffee from new zealand, its a message from Eve in New Zealand about making Great coffee.

Thanks Eve!

Yesterday the guy from Atomic Coffee roasters came for the fair trade coffee event. He told us how to make coffee properly and how we hadbeen doing it so wrong... This is with a plunger as we don't have a machine.

The coffee must be ground quite coarse a bit bigger than granulated sugar.
Grindjust as much as you need at the time coz it oxidises quite quickly. about a heaped desert spoon for a cup but more or less if you like. pour the water on just a bit and let it go frothy but not boiling water, you need water just off the boil about 85. This will make the coffee much sweeter because it burns at about 95 which is what makes it bitter. mmmmm
So then poor the rest of the water on and leave for not longer than a minute (its not like tea wher it keeps gettingstronger) and then plunge away.

Ooh and store coffee in an airtight container in the dark (and not in the fridge because water would condensate on it when you got it out of the fridge).


I dont actually drink coffee - it gives me the shakes - but I do love it and if i did drink it I would definitely want to do it this way.

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