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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comfrey Fritters and other marvels

Comfrey or knitbone is famed for its ability to heal wounds. Rob and I have both tried it and its marvellous. No really. But that is in the form of oil or crushed leaves.

Then I discovered you can also eat these very rough-skinned leaves. The comfrey plants are brimming with life these days so its a good time to collect these leaves. Apparently comfrey fritters are the thing, and are particularly enjoyed by Germans I read.

Anyway you take some comfrey leaves from your plant in the back yard that seeded itself and grows most vigourously.

You make a thin batter using oil, water, flour and fold in a whipped egg white, as you are making a sponge.

Dip the leaves into the batter and drop into hot oil, like you would with deep fried mars bars or whatever you normally deep fry.

Actually this wasnt very nice, not because of the leaves, which are lovely, but because they are too oily. Maybe the oil was at the wrong temperature but I would welcome any tips on improving this recipe.

Comfrey is also good for making a stinking goo to nourish your plants with. Leave some leaves in a bucket with rainwater and let them rot down. A nutritious nitrogenous soup for all (vegetables) to enjoy.

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