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Thursday, December 13, 2007

and its not just the africans who benefit from eating air freight vegetables

This article is really good, it busts a few myths about how to save the world.
the thing is, everyone likes recycling because it doesnt mean much change. The article points out that it would be better to stay in UK for your holiday and do no recycling at all, than to recycle carefully but still have nice two weeks in the sun. the list goes on, and people stay dumb.
Of course it also means local meat is much more carbon heavy than air-freight veg

The simple list of what to do is:
1. Go vegan
2. Don't buy anything. But especially not big TVs and gagdets and computer games etc
3. Eat up your food and dont chuck it out/
4. Insulate your house.

If you did that it would far outweigh a few plastic pots being recycled.
But its sexier to instal solar and drive a hybrid and think that that is enough/

This is an emergency people!

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