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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Mid-Late Summer Update

It's been a while but the plants have moved quickly. A month ago the plot was green and lush and new things seemed to be appearing every day, crowding each other out. Now it looks untidy and shrivelled but I have been collecting poppy seeds and heads for decoration, and some of the slower things are starting to look fat with promise.

So by way of an update here are some photos from June:

Looking lush in June


Opium Poppies
Common Poppy

Opium Poppy in July is covered in aphid. The green heads are where opium comes from so I wonder if that is the attraction for these black bugs.

Where the aphid do well, so do the ladybirds

Broad-leaved dock

I think these are red admiral caterpillars on the nettles in June. Now it's July, I have seen a lot of butterfilies but more in the nature reserve than on this plot.

Wild Rocket


The opium poppies look pretty but I am not convinced they will be so well used next year. The seeds are delicious and so are the leaves earlier in the season but they are very shabby when they go over and take up a lot of space. I may try to keep them in more around the edges, and eat most of the little ones as lettuce.

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  1. we have a beautiful planet.pity we dont know how to protect it!