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Monday, November 16, 2009

Blewitts (and more) in Pictures

I brought camera on sunday and got some pics for you:

A woolly blanket for the baby herbs, keeps down the competition and the slugs hate fur too:

Nettle roots will be used to dye the rest of the fleece:

Lepista sordida growing among nettles - and Alexander seedlings in the foreground:

and at home waiting to be cooked:

with red onions and butter:

giving a simple meal with a beetroot and Alexander salad in the background:


  1. Hi there, your blog was linked to a comment on the Mr Daisy Green website and I'd just like to say that I think what you're doing here is brilliant, such a creative way to incorporate being green into our everyday lives.

    I was really interested in your mention of natural dyes as I'm a fashion student currently doing a project based around allotments and have recently interviewed a textile artist who uses her plot to grow all the colours she uses in her work as well as handmade paper - really fascinating stuff!

    But yes I have be posted some questions on The Allotment Diaries blog and would be so pleased if you have could answer a few questions which would hopefully give me a bit more of an insight into this brilliant topic.

    Thanks so much.


  2. Hi Haylii I would be very happy to answer any questions - you can email me at silkyd"at"gmail"dot"com.

  3. great thanks for the pictures. this can help .

  4. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!