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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Mini Food Adventure You Can Take Part In

Ever wondered what you would eat if oil ran out tomorrow? Well now is your chance to find out!

Join us* for a week of eating only local organic food, free from plastic packaging to highlight to government that they need to act now to reform our food system

Between Saturday 6 and Sunday 21 September, during Organic Food Fortnight and when food is at its most abundant in the UK, we ask you, for one week, to only eat food from a selection of the following sources:

a. Organically grown UK food without plastic packaging – if it is organically grown on British soil, it qualifies, but obviously the more local the better. Plastic packaging is out.

b. Foraged food – food growing wild and abundantly all over the UK – free rich pickings!

c. Self-grown food – any food you, your friends or family ha ve grown.

Advice and support on sourcing food will be given throughout, and all participants will be encouraged to keep a diary of their experiences over the week on our website, not only to share experiences, ideas and advice, but to highlight to policy makers how difficult it is to do something which should be easy – to live off food from your own soil.

Take action!

1) Sign up to take this action at or

2) Ask your friends and family to support you by also signing up!

3) Let your community, local shops, press and decision-makers know what you're doing

4) Nearer the time check out our website for advice and tips on what to eat and where to find it (we'll email the website address to you)

5) Share your experiences on our website in solidarity with others and to let decision-makers know how ha rd it is for us to eat sustainably in the absence of policy change.

*Who is 'US'?

The fortnight is being led by three of the UK's Local Food campaigners –

Fergus Drennan (aka Fergus the Forager, – has already done two and a half months living solely on foraged food! He makes this seem easy.

Mark Boyle (founder of The Freeconomy Community, – 3 months into his 'Transition Experiment', Mark eats only UK grown, organic, vegan and non-plastic wrapped food. And has vowed to put his last item in landfill – the bin itself!

Beth Tilston (

) – a Brighton Locavore who has vowed to eat only food from 100 miles from wherever she finds herself for one whole year!

For more information, email

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