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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A message from a fellow food adventurer

I got this from Ulrike who has also been playing with her food:

"Hello Sarah & Rob,

I've made an adventure with food today: Black Salsify. Abel & Cole have delivered them with the small deluxe box twice in the last three weeks and today we felt adventurous enough to cook them!
You boil them for about half an hour, and then peel the bark-like skin off:
We've eaten them in browned goat's butter & parsley accompanied by an omelette:

Tastes like jerusalem artichoke I find.
According to Jules' research on the internet, salsify was Thomas Jefferson's favourite vegetable!

I don't think it's as adventurous as your purple mushrooms or squirrel stew but I thought I'd share it with you,

Ulrike xx"

Ulrike then reported that she thinks the salsify didnt agree with her too well but maybe it was because it had been sitting in the box for three weeks.

Thanks U!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for adding this to your blog -
    Food Adventurers unite!
    Ulrike xx