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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

back in food time

OK so we tried the local thing, I will jsut say that it was bloody hard work but i would have liked to stay on it for a whole year.

But I also liked giving up, that day when I had Frosties, that will stay with me. But now I miss the clean feeling I had when on the diet. I think that can be attributed to the absence of processed food.

Anyway the thing is we have had several discussions about it and agreed to go back to a similar thing but its the whole of the uk this time which should make it a bit more practical.

In the meantime we've been having food adventures with things like rock samphire from the sea cliffs in Cornwall. (And loads of other stuff like making an animation, but those are different stories)

So I'd like to keep posting about these interesting UK foods and stay with the local theme and jsut see it more of an ongoing adventure and less of a serious and focused challenge.

I also want to write about the thoughts and experiences that came out of being on the diet . But its half one in the morning and I have to go to work at some point tomorrow.


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